During this industry project, our clients were Dr. Katherine Reilly and Dr. Gillian Russell, representing Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology (FCAT). The primary goal of this project was to identify a sustainable intervention that addresses and effectively reduces plastic waste pollution.

Role: Project Manager

  • Successfully led project pitching and skillfully communicated project ideas to clients, ensuring clear understanding and alignment.
  • Maintained transparent and regular client correspondence, providing timely updates and addressing queries promptly.
  • Ensured realistic project scope while addressing client needs, balancing expectations and deliverables effectively.
  • Coordinated and led meetings and discussions, fostering productivity, efficient task management, prioritization, and progress tracking.
  • Facilitated regular retrospectives to promote continuous growth and learning within the team, while also prioritizing work-life balance.

Project Highlights:
  • Developed a comprehensive and fully-documented system designed to guide communities interested in initiating their own community group buy initiatives.
  • Published all available resources, including open-source code, for public use, allowing the broader community to benefit from and contribute to the project.

Complete documentation can be accessed here and in the Github link above.

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