Type A Coffee

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Type A Coffee is a Manila-based coffee company. They began as an e-commerce brand, launching in 2016 with their flagship product - a 900ml bottle of premium cold brew concentrate made from 100% Panama beans. Since then, they’ve opened up a physical storefront, and added single origin coffee beans, dairy-free lattes, milk products, and syrups to their lineup.

Role: Creative Director

Role Overview:
  • Lead and brought the brand's creative initiatives to life.
  • Responsibilities across multiple domains: digital marketing, content strategy, product design, merchandising, and customer retention and experience.

Project Management:
  • Devised comprehensive quarterly strategies and translated them into tangible monthly KPIs for a systematic and result-driven approach.
  • Organized tasks within a content calendar, monitoring progress weekly to ensure smooth execution.
  • Played a pivotal role in driving the brand's success and fostering a creative environment for growth and innovation.

Digital Marketing and Content Strategy:
  • Ensured a cohesive experience across platforms, maintaining a holistic and streamlined brand image.
  • Analyzed online store data, conversions from social media and digital ads, and sales performance with delivery partners.
  • Combined data insights with thorough market research, including competitive analysis and market trends consideration, to successfully identify optimal target audiences for campaigns, aiming to boost conversions and resonate with the right customers.
  • Considered product launches and features, leveraging unused content assets to maximize impact and relevance, and ensuring appropriate visibility and promotion.
  • Evaluated existing target audiences and identified potential new segments to broaden the customer base, striving to expand reach and attract new customers by pinpointing untapped audiences.

Community Management:
  • Emphasized Type A Coffee as the friendly face in an intimidating world with convenient and easy-to-use products.
  • Leveraged user-generated content, tapped micro-influencers, and partnered with aligned brands to grow the community.

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